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Announcing the Sc2replaystats

Streaming Overlay

As if our twitch chat bot wasn’t cool enough, today we’re adding a Streaming Overlay for Elite Members.  Just go to your sc2replaystats profile settings and click “streaming overlay” for instructions on how to set it up.

After you’ve set it up, it’ll show statistics from your last game on-stream after the replay from your last match finishes uploading.  These statistics will display for 20 seconds before sliding away. Some of the stats include your APM and workers killed to the hero unit of the game! You can see an example picture below:

Stream Overlay

Set up the Sc2replaystats Streaming Overlay and have the coolest stream around!


The Streaming Overlay works for both Obs and Xsplit, and will only show statistics from 1v1 ladder games.

On your profile settings page for the stream overlay there is a “Fire Off Test Event” you can use to preview how the overlay will look, after you’ve set it up. Although more customization in regards to the size and positioning of the overlay is planned, for now you can use this preview feature to adjust your stream’s other elements to make sure nothing is being covered up.

Feel free to contact us at @sc2replaystats on Twitter or if you need help setting up the streaming overlay.

We’re excited to see streamers using this cool new overlay to provide their viewers with a better experience, and we hope you are too!

- staff

 Post written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

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