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Last Friday we were pleased to sponsor our first ever SC2 tournament, featuring 8 players and a prize pool of over $1,000, casted by BobbyAwesome and Element on the gauntlet twitch stream.

It was an amazing opportunity, and with players like that it comes as no surprise that the games were astounding as well. With players like Polt and Nerchio, it could have just as easily been a WCS Championship event!

While every series had amazing games, if you’re looking for some recommendations, our staff’s favorite series were:

While there will be VODs of this spectacular showdown available on the Gauntlet youtube channel, we all know what you’re here for: the replays and rich replay statistics our website offers. Visit the event page now for replays and statistics, or click here to download a .zip folder of all the replays!

Have fun studying the  build orders, unit compositions, timings, or even chat logs of these top professional players!

Funny chat

We hope you enjoyed the tournament — it was certainly a blast for us. Let us know if you’d like us to run another one!

Don’t forget to play your games for the ladder challenge, and follow @sc2replaystats on Twitter for future updates!

- staff

 Post written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

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