Replay Spotlight: The Lingering Horror of Adepts

The Lingering Horror of Adepts

JhonnyPienso (T) vs TheSkunk (P)

To most Terran players this probably seems like a reasonable and measured reaction even given the Adept’s recent nerf.

The Terran Player’s fears weren’t entirely unfounded, as TheSkunk had delayed his Nexus significantly. Something was up, but it wasn’t mass Adept.


But after sending out a drop with two Cyclones, that “something” was correctly identified as a fast Robo and Stargate from TheSkunk, with no Twilight Council for Resonating Glaives to be seen, and a Nexus on the way.

It appears our human hero JhonnyPienso fell for a ruse, putting himself at an economic advantage.


But as the double Cyclone drop may suggest, our Terran player is going through an industrial revolution and building factories left and right.

And just like the actual industrial revolution, his workers don’t lead very happy lives, dying as much to the product of their own factories as they do to the four Protoss Adepts.


Already, this footage paints an odd picture. A Terran goes Mech vs a Protoss who is.. split harassing with Voidray Immortal?


Like some sort of Protoss incarnation of Polt, it seems he has nothing on his mind but to destroy Command Centers.

A rather particular obsession, but a job well suited to Voidrays and Immortals, I suppose.


Things are looking rather down for our Terran patriot, but having a one-track mind can be disadvantageous.

Blinded with his zeal for this particular strategy, the Protoss player blunders into some rather predictable traps.


Oddly enough, this doesn’t seem to entirely cure him of his convictions. It would seem this Protoss player has taken the definition of insanity to be some sort of challenge to rise up to.


But just as repetition seems to be wearing thin the effectiveness of this particular strategy, our Protoss player doubles down on this gambit and combines them into one attack.


Our Terran player is graceful in defeat. But leaves us wondering — did the strategy succeed in spite it’s unusual nature, or precisely because of it?


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 Post written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

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