Website Improvements – Scelight Plugin, Army Chart Improvements, Bug Fixes

Greetings, StarCraft statistics enthusiasts! It hasn’t been long since our last update, but we’re back with more already! As always, you can follow us on twitter at @sc2replaystats for updates, support, and random statistics!


We’ve created a replay-uploading plug-in for Scelight, the successor to Sc2gears. Now, if you use Scelight, you can enable our module which will automatically upload your replays to sc2replaystats. Below are the instructions on how to install the module in Scelight:

How to install the SC2ReplayStatsUploader External Module:

1. Open Scelight

2. Go to the Available Modules page (below the News page), select SC2ReplayStatsUploader in the table and click on theInstall / Auto-upate Selected Modules icon (above the table).

3. Restart the Scelight Launcher. SC2ReplayStatsUploader will be automatically downloaded and installed.

4. Go to the Installed Modules page, select SC2ReplayStatsUploader and click on the Enable Selected Modules icon (over the table).

You’re done! Start Scelight (with the START button) and the SC2ReplayStatsUploader External Module will be activated!

Army Chart Improvements


On a replay’s army graph, you can now enable lines showing each players Army Value, Unspent Resources Collection Rate, Resources Lost or Workers Active.

Even better, you can now save your preferences for the army graph so it will remember what settings you want enabled and disabled for every replay you view!

Bug Fixes

sc2replaystts img2

A bug where build orders would not display in the correct order has been fixed, as well as the sessions bug where players would be logged out automatically.

That wraps up our March 2015 update, but we’re hard at work on more features and improvements. As mentioned in the last post, we’re planning to bring back the Ladder Challenge update posts soon™.

Good luck, have fun, and keep on laddering!

- staff

 Post written by TheSkunk#386 


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