Legacy of the Void Replay Support


The past week has been great for StarCraft fans, with the WCS Premier finals and the launch of the Legacy of the Void beta.

We at Sc2replaystats have been enjoying it all, but we’ve also been hard at work! With this latest update, LotV beta replays are now supported.


  1. Build Orders
  2. Unit Chart
  3. Basic Statistics
  4. Twitch Bots

However, Archon Mode, some new abilities, and player portraits are still work-in-progress and we’ll try to get them working for you as soon as we can.

You wont be able to add your LotV battle.net profile manually but it will automatically be added as you upload Legacy of the Void replays.

We hope those of you who have access to the LotV beta will enjoy continuing to use Sc2replaystats for all of your replays and we look forward to continuing to bring you great website updates. As always, you can follow us on twitter at @sc2replaystats for updates, support, and random statistics!

Have fun, play well, and keep improving!

- Sc2replaystats.com staff

 Post written by TheSkunk#386 


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