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Legacy of the Void Replay Support

The past week has been great for StarCraft fans, with the WCS Premier finals and the launch of the Legacy of the Void beta. We at Sc2replaystats have been enjoying it all, but we’ve also been hard at work! With this latest update, LotV beta replays are now supported. Build Orders Unit Chart Basic Statistics Twitch […]

Website Improvements – Scelight Plugin, Army Chart Improvements, Bug Fixes

Greetings, StarCraft statistics enthusiasts! It hasn’t been long since our last update, but we’re back with more already! As always, you can follow us on twitter at @sc2replaystats for updates, support, and random statistics! Scelight We’ve created a replay-uploading plug-in for Scelight, the successor to Sc2gears. Now, if you use Scelight, you can enable our module which […]

Website Improvements -Faster, better servers!

Greetings StarCraft statistic fans! We at Sc2replaystats have a few changes we’ve made recently we want to talk to you about. In addition to these, we have several more features and improvements that are nearing implementation as well that you’ll hear about soon!   Faster, better servers! In addition to new features we’re always looking to improve the […]

New Improvements

Twitch Bot Improvements For those of you who use the Twitch Bot, we’ve added some new options which are available if you go to Settings > Twitch  Bot Panel on your sc2replaystats account profile. These settings allow you to customize information that will be included with the replay link every time you play a game […] Version 3.0!

Click here to visit 3.0! Check it out — not a single page unchanged! We’re super excited to bring you version 3.0 of In addition to having a fresh, cleaner, easier to read layout website-wide, it’s packed with new features and more to come in the next week. You can now view more […]

Ladder Challenge Season 3 Conclusion

Introduction To start things off, we’ve received a lot of messages, emails, and tweets asking us what happened to the ladder challenge for Season 4. While we’re thrilled the ladder challenge helped so many people improve their skills and climb the ladder, but unfourtunatly the ladder challenge is indefinitely delayed for Season 4. But this […]

New Features 8-14-2014

Hell, it’s about time! It’s been a crazy few months but we have some new features to show you guys today! Show me the buildings! We have added buildings into the Active Army Chart, which now allows you to see at any point in time how many building you and your opponent had. With this […]

Website Updates – Twitch chat bot, notifications, parsing fixes, and more!

In our continued efforts to make the best that it can be, we’ve updated the website again with some new features. Twitch Chat Bot The twitch chat bot will post the link to the replay in the twitch chat shortly after you play a match, so your viewers can have instant access to replay statistics and […]

New Feature: Training Center

Sc2ReplayStats is proud to announce it’s newest website feature: The Training Center. The training center helps you improve by showing you what areas you are performing the best in. It compares statistics from your replays, like workers built, expansion timings, and upgrade timings, and compares them to the average times for your target promotion league. […]