Abiogenesis LE
02 Apr, 2018 4:31 pm
16 Min Game

Build Order
Building Time Started Completed Killed
Units Produced/Lost
Unit Produced Lost Kills Max Kills % Lost Avg Life Shortest Life Longest Life
Players Abilities Used
Ability Name Current Game Count Avg Per Game Total Games Used
Corrosive Bile 108602
Stop 114
Move 513.754
Attack 423463.254
Spawn Changeling 51323
Spawn Larva 921254
Cancel Morph 113
Cancel Production 224
Gather/Return Cargo 56.254
Mutate into Lair 114
Mutate into Hive 13.333
Mutate into Greater Spire 21.52
Morph to Brood Lord 70492
Morph to Overseer 912.54
Generate Creep/Stop Generate Creep 112
Morph to Ravager 342