Lightshade LE
09 Oct, 2020 4:34 pm
42 Min Game

Player Game Time Message
Patches 00:00 glhc
Patches 00:00 glhf
Matt 00:19 gg
Patches 00:23 ..?
Patches 00:30 offensive gg much?
Matt 03:41 lol
Matt 03:42 fuck you
Matt 03:46 your the bitch boy not me
Patches 03:46 fuck you to
Matt 04:27 have fun killing my flying shit with mauraders bith
Patches 04:39 i have all day _
Matt 04:55 imagine thinking beause i said gg and thats not what people at sc2 do you think its offensive
Matt 04:57 lmfao
Matt 05:02 grow up baby
Patches 05:09 lmao
Matt 06:18 sucks you have to rely on that bullshit to win eh?
Matt 06:24 how does it feel having no skill?
Patches 06:33 honestly i dont care its fun
Matt 06:41 you should see a doctor
Patches 06:42 especially when i meet players like you
Patches 07:03 cool
Matt 07:04 mental heath checkup you find joy in doing gimicky bullshit things
Patches 07:20 scouting is a good idea
Matt 08:30 love how your macroing like you feel like you have to
Matt 08:33 fucking noob
Patches 08:38 yes
Patches 08:41 ima take every base