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Rhoskallian LE
21 Sep, 2022 6:57 pm
27 Min Game

Player Game Time Message
Evidar 00:02 will the internet work this time?
KingPin 00:07 hope so
LastChance 00:10 glgl
KingPin 00:14 glhf
Evidar 20:59 Hero oracle, please pay respects
Evidar 21:05 Press F to respect oracle
KingPin 23:17 blood lord
KingPin 23:24 pussy play
LastChance 23:29 looool
LastChance 23:34 and bc isnt?
Evidar 23:58 To win at Starcrat destroy all enemy buildings
Evidar 25:20 floating all the buidlings away?
Evidar 25:27 now that is a pussy play
KingPin 26:53 pussy play
Evidar 27:02 better than ass play imo
KingPin 27:06 typical no head to head play
Evidar 27:13 rather the front than the back
LastChance 27:23 you couldnt break us and now were breaking you
Evidar 27:23 warm, welcoming, everyone loves it
Evidar 27:30 thanks for the complement