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Dragon Scales LE
25 May, 2023 8:41 pm
05 Min Game

Player Game Time Message
LOGAND 02:02 need to kill the finishing cannon first
LOGAND 02:14 and you win from here
Mythos 02:20 how so?
LOGAND 02:23 you have 2 bases
LOGAND 02:29 protoss is 1 base, with no gateway, no cyber core
LOGAND 02:36 probably cut probes to do this
Mythos 02:37 do I go in with
Mythos 02:39 lings now
LOGAND 02:43 you can just macro from here if you want
LOGAND 02:48 probably best
Mythos 02:52 to macro?
Mythos 02:54 or to go in
LOGAND 03:02 take your lings across and see what you can do
LOGAND 03:06 but you just drone otherwise
LOGAND 03:12 play a normal game from way ahead
LOGAND 03:20 this game
LOGAND 03:23 he went pylon in the main
LOGAND 03:27 so he's 100% dead
Mythos 03:29 oh?
Mythos 03:31 why so
LOGAND 03:31 he can cannon his mineral line
LOGAND 03:34 but he can't ever expand
LOGAND 03:41 he had no units, you can keep your lings outside his natural
Mythos 03:51 oooooh
LOGAND 03:52 he'll eventually get it, but you can have 3 mineral lines of drones before he gets one
LOGAND 04:00 they're supposed to put the forge at their nat ramp
LOGAND 04:04 so they can wall off
Mythos 04:28 this is extremely helpful
Mythos 04:49 am I allowed to ask one more, or are you done?
LOGAND 04:59 I'll do one more, then I'll go back to losing mmr on ladder
Mythos 05:03 lol
Mythos 05:05 that's a vibe