Port Aleksander LE
LOTV Private
08 May, 2019 9:37 pm
19 Min Game

Build Order
Building Time Started Completed Killed
Units Produced/Lost
Unit Produced Lost Kills Max Kills % Lost Avg Life Shortest Life Longest Life
Players Abilities Used
Ability Name Current Game Count Avg Per Game Total Games Used
Fungal Growth 22.52
BlindingCloud 349
Corrosive Bile 2115.3531
Attack 188120.23132
Infested Terran 661
Spawn Larva 7142.62109
Cancel Structure Building 12.0426
Mutate into Lair 11.2483
Mutate into Hive 11.1428
Mutate into Greater Spire 11.0617
Morph to Brood Lord 14.7914
Morph to Overseer 53.6166
Consume 37.7311
Morph to Ravager 146.3340