1v1 Ladder Challenge Returns

The Sc2ReplayStats ladder challenge returns!

For those unfamiliar with the Ladder Challenge, it is essentially a challenge to improve through a consistent play schedule. After you choose a goal for weekly number of 1v1 games played the Sc2ReplayStats.com website will track your progress from your upload replays.

Along side the weekly number of games a few new features have been introduced to help you stay motivated.

Personal Weekly Goals

Along side your weekly games goal, you will also be assigned 2 unit produced/killed goals based on what race you play. Each week you will be randomly assigned a new set of unit goals.

Community Goals

We are stronger as a community, so along side your personal weekly goals there is now a community section which has an overall games played goal, with 2 unit produced/killed goals per race.

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  • Faster Replay processing, elite accounts replays process in 2-4 seconds
  • Elite Account Reporting allowing you to deep dive into your own stats

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