New Dashboard Features


New Dashboard

The dream ever since I built the dashboard was to allow full customization of the dashboard based on what “you” the user wanted to see! Today that dream is 1 step closer!

The new Dashboard allows you to add/remove/modify/move/save dashboard elements currently with 5 unique chart types.

  • Line Chart
    The line chart allows you to see trends over time, can be group by day or month, and select over a wide range of time frames
  • Column Chart
    The column chart is another simple chart for you to see how you are doing, it can be group by your account, map, and matchup’s over a wide range of time frames
  • Table
    Simple table with rows and columns, can group by account, map, and matchup over a wide range of time frames
  • Single Metrics
    Each metric you select is displayed as a single item, great for overviews.
  • Last Replay
    Custom chart that allows you to select the last replay that was uploaded to the site can be grouped by replay, player and team.



My avg mmr over the current year.

My current map wins and/or losses grouped by maps.

My matchup stats for this season with the opp avg/max mmr


Each chart can be configured by clicking on the “edit” button on the chart. You can add/remove metrics, select the order of the metrics, move the charts around on the page, select the size of the chart (small, medium, large). Every chart can be customized with around 100 metrics and more planned!

Beta Status

Currently the New Dashboard is in beta. The current plan is to display it on a separate page while keeping the old dashboard as well. In 1-3 weeks if everything goes as planned, the beta version will overwrite the current default page, and you’ll have a snazzy new dashboard.

If you have any feedback/problems please reach out on Discord in the dashboard_beta Channel.

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