November 2019 Website Updates

November 2019 Website Updates

  • Changed the Active Army chart making the filters easier to use.
  • Showing the players race/s on the opponents page.
  • Improved signup process, making it easier to link your first account.
  • Account Reporting Changes
    • New Group by’s “Account” and “Account Winner”.
  • Migrated off twitch’s legacy API
  • Replays Older than 3 years (from upload date) are now Archived.
    • You can still view the replay but the active army chart, build order information is not longer saved.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Account Reporting bug fixes for invalid reports.
    • Clan dashboard now selects your highest ranked race
    • Search page – searching for a player is case insensitive now.
    • Command center build time was incorrect.
    • Training center was processing team games when it shouldn’t


Active Army chart

I have changed how you go about filtering information in the active army chart, its now directly part of the chart. You can change what you see on the chart by clicking on “Filter Options”.


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