Season 35 win rates from 59,000 ladder games

With all the win rate talk going around lately I decided it was time to pull some stats again based on around 59,000 games played this season that have been uploaded to Sc2ReplayStats. The tables below include only 1v1 ladder games (could be ranked, could be unranked) from Season 35.


Season 35 Win Rates by Maps

Abiogenesis LE2491PvT1198127648.42
Abiogenesis LE2775PvZ1192156743.2
Abiogenesis LE3087TvZ1511156249.17
Acid Plant LE2378PvT1277109053.95
Acid Plant LE2683PvZ1269139847.58
Acid Plant LE3073TvZ1536152250.23
Backwater LE2441PvT1272115752.37
Backwater LE2826PvZ1362145648.33
Backwater LE3028TvZ1455155948.27
Blackpink LE2436PvT1333110154.77
Blackpink LE2771PvZ1301145347.24
Blackpink LE2958TvZ1520142951.54
Catalyst LE2523PvT1292121551.54
Catalyst LE2778PvZ1323143947.9
Catalyst LE2988TvZ1564141352.54
Eastwatch LE2040PvT110292654.34
Eastwatch LE2358PvZ1107124047.17
Eastwatch LE2374TvZ1194117550.4
Neon Violet Square LE1541PvT80773052.5
Neon Violet Square LE1536PvZ74877749.05
Neon Violet Square LE1651TvZ83281250.61

Season 35 Win Rates by Division



Something to keep in mind is the totals will not line up with the maps vs divisions, the reason is because Sc2ReplayStats only kind of supports localization so the map names are not all in English. I only pulled the map names in English!

Want more ?

If you would like to see some other stats just let me know!

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