Starcraft2 4.0 Replay Support, and lots of changes

Starcraft 2 version 4.0 Replays

With the arrival of version 4.0 also came major changes to balance and units. Previously anytime a major balance/unit changes came about it would require weeks of work to get everything working again. With the new processing system I have put into place this will not be the case moving forward and as such all 4.0 replays have been reprocessed and should be displaying all the new data.

New Images

With the new processing system, the images being used have been changed out with a new style.



Any where that displays units, buildings, or upgrade images have been updated to this new style.

Patch Notes:

Lots of things have been deployed over the past few weeks, here is a list of the most notable changes.

  • 4.0 Replay support with upgraded replay engine to be more adaptable to changes in sc2.
  • All Ability’s and buildings being tracked now.
    • This also includes some new units/buildings like broodlings, dropper lords, mules, creep tumors and so many more.
    • You can now also hover over the icon to see what it is in the active army chat.
  • Added in support for displaying multiple races played on the ladder pages. Example
  • New Settings option for defaulting the view in the training center (Guided Improvement Focus or Raw Data)
  • Added the Clan name to the clans page
  • Updated and optimized the challenges page for season 34. 2017 Season 4 1v1 Challenge
  • Automatically rejecting Arcade games correctly.
  • Bug fixes
    • Forced the twitch chat name to always be lowercase.
    • Display bug on global ladder rankings where border could be blank.
    • Corrected unit kills for carriers, lurkers, corruptors and broodlords.
    • Prevent an account from viewing the training center if they have not completed the setup process.


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