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Triton LE
LOTV Private
13 Aug, 2019 8:59 am
07 Min Game

Player Game Time Message
Mabadixt 00:05 gl hf
wolfsha 00:08 gl hf
wolfsha 00:33 how the hell do i expand on this map?
Mabadixt 00:34 that puts some confidence in me
Mabadixt 00:36 idk
Mabadixt 00:48 in a way I won't kill you
wolfsha 00:56 easier said than done
Mabadixt 00:59 psh
Mabadixt 01:15 considering how I opened last game? not enitrely
wolfsha 01:17 gonna have to look at the maps later and realy think about how i expo
wolfsha 03:51 took me long enough to deal with that
Mabadixt 04:04 you have no idea
Mabadixt 06:21 stop you artossis pylons dammit
wolfsha 06:26 2/1/1?
Mabadixt 06:30 oui
wolfsha 07:05 gg