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As StarCraft’s 2014 season 2 ends and season 3 begins, the second ever ladder challenge ends, and the third one begins. Last season, the Ladder Challenge motivated over 600 people to play on average 150 games; giving them the motivation they needed to bring their skills to the next level. The challenge returns again with new features — click the banner above and join them in the quest to improve your StarCraft II skills!

What is the ladder challenge?

The Ladder Challenge is a community project to improve your StarCraft II skills and by giving you the motivation you need to play regularly. When you sign up, you are asked to select your challenge level of games played per week. Each week, the website pairs you with a ladder rival who has a similar goal and your progress is compared with his as well as every other player who has signed up. Push yourself to meet your goal, beat your rival, and reach the next level! also offers tons of statistics from your replays to help you analyze your play so you can get the most out of every replay, as well as email reminders if you fall behind in the challenge.

So sign up and to start crushing your opponents and stealing their ladder points. Improve your skills and reach the next league. Succeed with the ladder challenge!

How do I participate?

After you’ve signed up at the ladder challenge page:  just make sure you upload all of your ranked 1v1 ladder games shortly after you play them. The easiest way to do this is to use the free automatic replay uploader application. A plugin for SC2gears is also available if you already use that program.

What changes are there?

If you’ve participated in previous ladder challenges, you may notice some changes. Firstly, you are now asked to set a season goal when you sign up to keep yourself from feeling like you only have to reach the lowest level. You are also paired with a rival each week who shares the same season goal as you, so you have someone personal to compete with.

We also heard your complains that the levels were too easy, so we made some changes.

  • Level 1: 5 per week
  • Level 2: 10 per week
  • Level 3: 15 per week
  • Level 4: 20 per week changed to 30
  • Level 5: 30 per week changed to 50
  • Level 6: 40 per week changed to 80
  • Level 7: 50 per week changed to 150!

Good luck and have fun with the Season 3 ladder challenge!



Season 2 Summary

620 players participated in last season’s ladder challenge, playing 93,176 games! 

Winning challenge player!

All of these players competed for the most games in order to win lifetime Elite Membership. Here are the top five players:


Congratulations on your victory, ChanKiM, and enjoy your lifetime Elite Membership! We asked ChanKiM for a victory speech:

Sc2replaystats has definitely helped with my ladder practice. It keeps track of how many games I’ve played per week and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs some motivation to ladder. Hopefully I can play even more games in this new season!

Winning challenge clan!

Similarly, every clan was fighting tooth and nail to be the winning clan for the Season 2 Ladder Challenge. Clan captains rallied their players and gave pep speeches, fighting words were thrown, and blood was shed.


Congratulations The Art of Warfare! Fifty members have been given three months of Elite Membership!

We asked the leaders of TAW how they felt about their glorious victory:



After three months, TAW has beat out almost 1500 others clans and emerged the champion of the SC2ReplayStats challenge!


We’d like to thank each and every one of our participating members that helped us edge out this victory. You all showed great dedication, loyalty, and esprit de corps.


We’d also like to thank TAW’s very own Breath for setting up this challenge and creating the fantastic SC2ReplayStats website, which has been an invaluable tool for the whole starcraft community.


This is why TAW is the best online gaming community!

Final Statistics

Concluding the Ladder Challenge, we thought we’d look at statistics that span the entire season.

As you can see, Terran consistently performed poorly vs Zerg and Protoss reaching as low as 45% in TvZ. Protoss vs Zerg hovered close to the 50% mark, favoring Zerg at the start of the season but ending on a strong note for Protoss.

Surprising to me, Alterzim was overall the most unbalanced map favoring Terran 57% in TvZ followed by Habitation Station, favoring Zerg 55%.

Habitation, Sejong, Merry Go Round, and Overgrowth were all bad maps for TvZ, as low as 45% with only Alterzim at 55% to balance it out!

No maps were good for Protoss against Zerg, with Zerg dominating Sejong, Frost, Waystation and, at the end of the season, Merry Go Round. In fact, at 44% in PvZ Sejong is among the top 2 most imbalanced maps!

Frost PvT is the greatest imbalance at 56.7%! Merry Go Round starts balanced, but similarly to PvZ, it ends up as a bad map for Protoss at 46%.




We hope everyone enjoyed last season’s Ladder Challenge, and we’re looking forward to this season’s being bigger and better than ever — let us know if you have any feedback.

Thank you all for supporting!

– Management

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