New Features, Bug Fixes, and Improvements for August 2015

It’s long overdue that we bring you a update on all the new features and bug fixes we’ve been bringing to the website!



Events Page


The biggest new feature is the Events page, accessed from the Statistics drop-down on the menu bar.

Here, you can view the overall statistics for re-occurring events, statistics for specific events, and all of the replays from the events. Currently we have three events listed, but we’re looking to contact more tournament organizers to feature their events on this page.

Current Events:

    Lycan League — View Stats

    Gauntlet Cups — View Stats

    CSI Weekly — View Stats


Pictured: Event page for Lycan League


Are you a tournament organizer?

Contact us by emailing to have your event(s) added to the website!


Other Features


    • SPM (Screens Per Min), a new stat coming Soon

        ◦ Will show how frequently players move their camera

        ◦ This information being tracked, but we’re validating it’s accuracy before we start to display it

    • Minor Navigational/UI Improvements

    • Search Filters

        ◦ “LotV” was added to the “Expansions” list

    • Match-up Statistics added to dashboard statistics:

Temp New MU Stats

Race statistics, seen on your dashboard, which show your match-up win-rates.





    • Unranked Badge

        ◦ Fixed a bug where occasionally the Unranked bug used to not appear correctly.

    • LotV Replays:

        ◦ Liberator now properly appears in replay information/statistics

        ◦ Supply Min/Supply Max used to be incorrect on the Build Order page, this has been fixed.

    • Training Center:

        ◦ Fixed a bug where some profiles used to get an error viewing the Training Center



As always, you can follow us on twitter at @sc2replaystats for updates, support, and random statistics!



We hope you enjoy these new features, and we’ll keep you posted!

- staff

 Post written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy


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