Gauntlet StarCraft Lotv Series 1 Qualifiers 1 Event Replays

Gauntlet Replay Pack

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Gauntlet Cups are a series of tournament sponsored by Ctone, run and also broad-casted by NexusRecall. The Gauntlet Cups are online events featuring the some of the most well known and also highly skilled players. This replay pack from their first LotV event is one of the biggest LotV replay packs to date, with some amazing players like Mana, Byun, Bly, Nerchio, Hyun, and Apocalypse.

Click here to view the Guantlet StarCraft LotV series 1 Qualifiers 1 replay page!

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Click to view events page!

You can view all Gauntlet events here, which includes overarching statistics like the total number of workers killed across all replays from their events — 8,834!

If you’re looking for a place to start amongst all these amazing replays, Nerchio vs Byun was a great series.

Click to view the Nerchio vs Byun series!

Click to view the Nerchio vs Byun series!

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 Post written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy


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