Happy New Year

Thank you all so much for using Sc2ReplayStats during 2015!

We thought we’d welcome 2016 with a look at the past year, and what’s yet to come. 2015 brought some nice graphs, awesome statistics, and most importantly cool new features. It’s hard to believe that version 3.0 launched January, completely changing the look and layout of the entire website and bringing a wealth of new features:

  • Statistics about your ladder division and your clan
  • Statistics about maps (number of rocks, bases, and more)
  • Improved servers for faster load/parsing times
  • Army Chart improvements — settings, and Army Value, Unspent Resources Collection Rate, Resources Lost or Workers Active
  • Plugin for Scelight
  • New statistics for Training Center
  • New replay page statistics: Resources lost in Minerals, resources lost in Vespene, and workers killed
  • Heatmaps showing areas with the most structures built and units killed
  • Tons of new features for Ladder Challenges
  • Events pages
  • Screens Per Minute statistic (shows how frequently players move their camera)

… and many, many more! 2015 had some big changes, and the website saw a lot of growth with 4,952 new members joining over the course of the year and 1,073,254 replays uploaded.

And, of course, Legacy of the Void was released.

Replays Per Expansion

Most active members

Winter -  8,384 total replays this year

Twice -  6,819 replays this year

Bee – 6,032 replays this year


Top 5 units built this year

81,693,185 Zerglings Built
56,087,357 Marines Built
21,999,724 Roaches Built
12,742,023 Stalkers Built
11,683,621 Banelings Built


Features coming early 2016

Many of you have asked for improvements to the Training Center, and we’ve heard you loud and clear — a new version is in the works with a cleaner, easier to read layout.

Training Center - How to improve at StarCraft

Additionally, since the Twitch Bot was such a popular feature, we’re working on a new feature for streamers. It’s still in it’s very early stages, but this feature would allow streamers to show statistics about their last match as well as keep a record for their streaming session.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image


It’s been an exciting year and there’s plenty to come in 2016 — may Sc2ReplayStats aid you in fulfilling your new years ladder resolutions!

We wish you a happy New Years, and remember to follow @sc2replaystats to stay updated.

- Sc2replaystats.com staff

 Post written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

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