Training Center Version 2.0 Arrives

Training Center 2.0

The Training Center is a popular Elite Feature, so we thought it was about time we gave it an upgrade! It’s upgraded to better match the timings of LotV and to provide a much clearer look at your goals and areas you need to focus on to move your skill to the next level. The Training Center is essentially a one-of-a-kind Automated Coaching Tool that provides you with information and metrics to help you improve as fast and efficiently as possible.


The new Guided Training Center will take a look at your games overall and help direct you to the things you should be focusing on in your economy, upgrades, and production at the early, mid, and late-game stages. This will highlight what you need to work on most instead of making you slog through the raw data yourself.


On the other hand, the new overview page more clearly displays your goals and areas of focus across all replays from up to the past 30 days, now displayed on a per-matchup basis and a recommendation of the minimum number of games you should be playing each week to reach the next league.


Although a limited trail of the training Center is available to all, if you think the new training center looks like a cool and valuable tool, consider supporting the website by signing up for an Elite Membership!

Website Improvements

In addition, we’ve made a number of bug fixes and technical improvements to the website as a whole. We’ve moved to a more powerful database for faster loading times. We also addressed APM calculation’s which should be more accurate moving forward.

As always, this update was accompanied by other minor layout changes and bug fixes, so should be running smoother than ever! Be sure to check out our previous post on the new Global Rankings, and follow @sc2replaystats on Twitter for future updates or to let us know what you think of the new training center!

- staff

 Post written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

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