Ladder Challenge 2016 Season 2 Concludes!

Season 2 Summary

264 players participated in this season’s ladder challenge, playing 52,271 games! 

Prizes Winners

sponsored by mYinsanity

Prize winners will be notified by email in the coming weeks!

mYinsanity 2016 Jersey – Won by EviLs
19 Players completed 20 or more games a week for the whole season! EviLs was randomly selected out of the 19 as the winner!

(EviLs was selected randomly from 19 players who met this criteria)

$20.00 Gift Card for G2A – Won by Dydx
Dydx played most games on a single map through 2016 Season 2, playing 623 games on Dusk Towers!

Coaching from a mYi player & a 1 year Elite Membership to Sc2ReplayStats – Won by Miltreta, Seigifried, and BruNo.
Most kills by a Marine – won by Miltreta with 36 kills on a single Marine!

Most kills by a Zergling – won by Seigifried with 26 kills on a single Zergling!

Most kills by a Zealot – won by BruNo with 27 kills on a single Zealot!

StarCraft Pylon USB Charger – Won by Dydx
Dydx won the most games against a single opponent through 2016 Season 2,  fighting Dydx vs nOgi a total of 12 games, going 8-4!

The ladder challenge as a lot of fun this season and we were grateful to be able to partner with mYinsanity to provide such amazing prizes.

Keep your eyes out for the next season’s ladder challenge, and thank you all for supporting!

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Written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

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