New Search Page Launches!

A new way to search over ONE Million Recent replays

The new search page launches for Elite Members

Search SC2 Replays

Want to find out how Neeb deals with Banelings when doing his Adept build on Frozen Temple? With the new SC2replaystats Replay Search (Elite members only) you can easily search our massive, ever-growing pool of replays to find what you are looking for. Currently, there are over 1.5 million recent replays that you can search and filter by.

Let’s walk through all the new features!


Dozens of search options

You can search based off of match-up, mode, game length, or player. You can search your own replays, or all replays publicly uploaded. You can even search by league.

Find specific replays

View results in a grid or list and sort by upload date, duration, and more


Filter the results

Once you’ve searched, you have a wealth of options for narrowing down the results. There are the obvious options, like filtering by Player or Map, but then there are a ton more: Abilities used, game version, ladder season, or the exact patch the match was played on.

Find EXACTLY the replay you want!

Want to find mass queen builds before the queen patch on Frozen Temple vs Terran? You can do that!


Tell at a glance

If your search criteria and filtering don’t help, you have one last tool to help you find the exact replay you are looking for: the search results will show you details about the replays it’s found, including the units built by both players.

(I wanted the one with Battlecruisers, not the one with Ravens)

(I wanted the one with Battlecruisers, not the one with Ravens)

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- staff

 Post written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

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