MMR has been released, Enhancements and Content for November

We are always constantly working on improving the site, and wanted to share with you some of the changes you might have missed. With this email we have also hit over 4,000,000 replays uploaded to Sc2ReplayStats!


MMR has been released!

The day has come that many of us have been waiting for, MMR has been added into the ladder end points. As of right now the only place that MMR is visible is in the profile ladder, clan, and Global Ladder Rankings pages.

Another addition with MMR being displayed is Sc2ReplayStats will now display your “real” league, so as an example Masa in the above image has an MMR of 6,714 and is currently in Masters 1, but really he has a Solid GM MMR.

With the addition of MMR Blizzard also started releasing more information in the Ladder API endpoints, which we have started storing but are not 100% displayed every where yet. One example is Current Win Streak, and Longest Win Streak (which have been implemented).


New Registration Flow

We have heard your complaints and have addressed them. Now when you register all you have to do is upload some replays and the system will figure out your account for you! If you still have trouble setting up your account after this release, please reach out and we can help!

Streaming Overlays
You might have noticed that the streaming overlay specifically the outGameV2 now supports team games and will display some fun hero unit stats.

Also we have officially released the Version 2 of the overlay, and updated all the information in the settings page on how to set it up. Version 1 of the overlay will continue to work but it also might be deprecated aka migrated into version 2 in the near future.

  • 3.8 Replay Support, 80% complete still a few missing ability images
  • Heat Maps have been updated for all current 1v1 ladder maps
  • Fix bug where players where not being removed from Global Ladder Rankings on league promotion.
  • Updated outGame overlay to follow new and improved style
  • Partitioning of Training Center data to allow more growth and more stats to be stored


Blog Posts

Check them out, great content being produced by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

By the Numbers
We get asked from time to time how sc2replaystats works, and how much data we really have. Well here are some numbers to help you understand how much data we are really talking about!

  • Total Replays Processed for Season 29: 119,603
  • Total Units Produced for Season 29: 46,537,553
  • Training Center Records Inserted for Season 29: 6,693,377
  • Searchable Replays: 1,725,165 (I remove super old seasons data)
  • Total Size on S3 (file storage system) : 334 GB


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