Website Improvements – Dashboard Challenges, Replay Heatmaps, Training Center & Twitch Bot Improvements

Greetings, folks! It’s time to bring you all another big update to the website, adding features to the dashboard, replay page, training center, and twitch bot!

New to the Dashboard is a miniature weekly version of our ladder challenge.

This will present with your current challenge level, your progress towards the next level, and your total games.

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Along with this, we’ve added statistics showing how you’ve done in your games for this week, including your win rate, workers created, and supply block times. We hope these additions will help fill the gap some players felt with the absence of the ladder challenge.

We’re bringing some cool things to Replay Pages starting with some new statistics: Resources lost in Minerals, resources lost in Vespene, and workers killed.


However, even more exciting are the new Heatmaps. The heatmaps show areas with the most structures built and units killed so you can see where the action was happening on the map.

The Training Center has some new statistics: Average Army Value, Total Times Supply Blocked, and Total Production buildings.

These statistics help you get an overall picture of your macro — how large your army is, how often you are supply blocked, and if you are building enough production facilities.

The Twitch Bot can now display your APM in the chat!

Replay Flagging Mishap

For the past three days, all replays were accidentally being flagged as Legacy of the Void replays regardless of the game they were played on. This resulted in all time-related statistics being incorrect for the affected Heart of the Swarm replays.

We’re have corrected the miss-flagged replays, and we’re sorry for any confusion this caused.

That’s all for this round, but we’re working on more updates! As always, you can follow us on twitter at @sc2replaystats for updates, support, and random statistics!

Have fun, good luck, and thanks for using!

- staff

 Post written by TheSkunk#386 


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