Ladder Challenge Update 2

Greetings, participants of the Sc2replaystats Ladder Challenge!

You can now pre-purchase Legacy of the Void which instantly grants access to the Legacy of the Void beta. We just wanted to remind our users that Legacy of the Void replays can be uploaded to and will count towards the ladder challenge.

If you are using the automatic replay uploading app, remember to click the settings tab and set the “Path to Sc2 Accounts Directory” to look at your entire My Documents folder so that the app will automatically detect both LotV and HotS replays.

Moving on, we’ve made a second infograph of Ladder Challenge statistics:

– Management

Written by Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy

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  1. Nice graph – lots of fun stats in there. Still loving this ladder challenge. Perfect way to keep myself motivated to play more games. Keep up the good work!

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